Review: Brick Crapper, MD’s How Possession Can Help You Lose Weight

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Books, Humor, Reviews
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I have come to you. Horror Scene.

This rather slight ebook is the most recent release of Brick Crapper, MD (aka Chris Dolley), a prolific author of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Mystery books (primarily released as electronic chapbooks), many of which have a humorous bent. One of his books, French Fried, has even made the NYT Best Seller List, no mean accomplishment.

The premise of this work is clearly laid out right in the title: what better way to lose weight than to allow yourself to be possessed by a demon? What with all the head-spinning, projectile vomiting, astral projecting going on, he proposes that the lucky applicant will lose all the weight they want to in no time. It’s a spoof of diet fad books, and as such has all of the requisite sections: testimonials, recipes, disclaimers, and a description of the many options available to the potential dieter. Things are a bit muddled at times, with a strange admixture of demons, aliens, dearly departed loved ones, celebrity ghosts, and various other mythological monsters being offered up as potential “partners.” But hey, if vampires can suddenly start sparkling in the daylight, maybe werewolves can start possessing people as well.

It is, as I’ve noted, a slight work, coming in at less than fifty pages after all of the ads for other books at the end are omitted. It is also entertaining, although at times it does appear to be trying a little too hard. At its heart, it’s a one-trick pony, and carrying a single joke through to novella length while maintaining the humor is perhaps asking a bit too much. That said, I would be willing to take a look at more of Dolley’s work, should it cross my desk.

Steve’s Grade: C

A short spoof of dietary fads that does a good job of mimicking its source material, while losing a bit of steam toward the end.

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