Sneak Peek: The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 13 “Alone”

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Bob’s packing

For my review of the episode, click here.

Last week’s episode marked a distinct change of pace from the action-filled episodes we’ve had since the mid-season return. While there wasn’t as much action – just a handful of undead put out of their misery – there was just as much tension as any episode this season, with both Daryl and Beth explored in much greater detail than either character has been before. Not only did the episode center on two characters, but the action centered around just two set pieces: the golf course clubhouse, and the moonshine distillery. This week, we’re going to get at least two groups, and it looks like they’ll both be on the move. Click through after the break to see the preview.

<<Spoiler Alert: This Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Episode 413 “Alone” will discuss events from earlier episodes in the series, as well as discussing events that may be upcoming. Read only if you’re all caught up!>>

As usual, we’ll begin with a look at the full Sneak Peek video released by AMC this week:

Creepy! We begin in the fog, with a shot of the back of Bob Stookey’s head. We can hear walkers, but their position is impossible to determine. Bob turns his head to the right, straining to see, knife raised in his left hand. Pan to a slow crawl over Maggie’s back as the music begins to ramp up, minor key, tension building. Group shot – we see all three, with Sasha to the left, Bob to the right, and Maggie in the middle, backs toward each other. Fade out, then in again now on Sasha’s back, a tree trunk barely visible beyond her in the mist. The group again – Sasha’s weapon is a rough staff, they’re not prepared for what’s coming. Bob is bouncing back and forth on his feet, ready to attack. A form appears, shambling toward them, a female walker right in Bob’s face. He strikes her backhand in the temple with his knife, grunting with the effort, a break in the fog letting us see another approaching in the mid-distance. Another right up on Maggie, who stabs it in the head as it grips her and tries to bite, as behind Sasha uses strikes a solid blow across the face of one more, spinning it away from her. She stabs it in the head with the pointy end of her staff, as a fourth walker grabs Bob by the shoulders. Bob holds it off with his left hand, as he circles and kicks another. He releases the one he’s holding, and stabs it in the temple; Bob’s right arm is hanging limp and bloodied, though it’s unclear what kind of injury he has. He turns back to his right to see yet another walker about to bite him. He lets out a yelp, and as Sasha sees Bob about to be overcome, she shouts his name.

So, does Bob bite it? Has he already been, in fact, bitten at this point? His arm is definitely injured. He’s unable to use it, hence the knife being in his left hand, and in a couple of brief shots a tear can be see at the top of the sleeve, and the entire arm appears to be stained a dark red. The group is definitely in trouble here. This is the same location we saw Maggie and co scouting out back in Episode 410 “Inmates” (see my review here), the one she told them was “defensible” when she planned to leave them behind in her search for Glen. Doesn’t look so safe now, with the fog hemming them in, and a river to one side that would be too dangerous to tackle when they can’t see where they’re going.

The Promo clip from Talking Dead focuses on Daryl and Beth – apologies for the poor video quality, as it was taken off TV:

Pretty straightforward piece. We see Beth – who is, interestingly enough, carrying Daryl’s crossbow – leading Daryl through the forest. “What’re we tracking?” she asks, and Daryl replies, “You tell me.” She did tell him last week that she wanted to learn, and here we see the result of their bonding last week. She gives him an annoyed look, and he says, “You’re the one that wanted to learn.” She takes up the challenge, examining scuff marks on the forest floor. She thinks it’s a walker, and she gets a smug look on her face: “I’m getting pretty good at this. Pretty soon, I won’t need you at all.” Daryl isn’t fazes. “Yeah,” he says, “keep on trackin’.” She’s acting cocky, but he knows that’s all it is – an act. After all, they both saved each other last week (likely just the night before, in the show’s timeline). They’re acting a little like an older grumpy brother and a bratty younger sister. The problem with this, of course, is that as soon as the fans get comfortable with a new relationship or paradigm, the writers do something to shake things up. Sure enough, the last clip we’re going to look at suggests that something happens to shake up their idyll.

Here’s the third Promo clip, which gives us a bit of both groups:

We see Maggie and Bob walking along the edge of the forest. Bob’s arm is already injured at this point, so there’s no telling whether it’s before or after the scene we’ve already watched in the Sneak Peek. We next see Maggie sitting, Sasha talking to her. Sasha says, “We got six bullets,” and we cut to Daryl and Beth walking into a cemetery. She continues in voice-over, “Odds are we will be dead,” as we see Beth take Daryl’s hand, as they stand looking at a particular gravestone. Back to Sasha, she finishes, “That’s the reality.” We then see a series of short shots from the Sneak Peek, with Maggie saying in voice-over, “We’re not giving up.” We cut to a flash close-up on Beth’s face, looking like she’s either in pain or crying, Daryl shouting her name in the background. We see a walker coming toward the camera, then see Daryl, crossbow in hand, yelling, “Run!” as he takes his own advice. We see a horde, and Beth shouts, “I’m not going to leave you!” Then several quick cuts: Daryl running through dark woods by gravestones, a church in the background; walkers slavering over something, then Maggie on the ground with a walker on top of her, about to bite her shoulder as she grimaces with the effort of throwing it off; and then another quick flash of Sasha and Bob from the Sneak Peek sequence.

Looks like after last week’s slower pace, things are going to be picking back up again. It’ll be nice to see what’s happening with Maggie – I just hope she survives the attack; and it looks like Daryl and Beth are going to go from hunters to hunted. I seriously doubt that anyone will die on this week’s episode, but as we edge ever closer to the season finale, it gets a little more likely each week. In the first half of Season 4, two regulars died, both of them (Hershel and The Governor) in the last episode before hiatus. Waiting until the season final might be too predictable, so be prepared. For my money, if anyone does die this week, it won’t be Maggie. I’d guess either Bob or Beth, but I lean more toward Beth. Last week she was given a lot of attention and character growth, much as Hershel received in Episode 405 “Internment” (read my review and synopsis here); within three episodes he was dead. More importantly, because of The Governor’s episodes, the death really occurs in the very next show we saw Hershel in. Does Beth get the same treatment as her father? Perhaps there’s one more clue the people at AMC are giving us:


Beth, alone

What is that slightly out of focus object behind Beth? Ah yes, a coffin. Portents and symbols, anyone?

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