Sneak Peek: The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 6 “Consumed”

Posted: November 14, 2014 in Previews, The Walking Dead, TV
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Episode: 506
Airdate: November 16, 2014
Directed by: Seith Mann
Showrunner: Scott M. Gimple
Written by: Matthew Negrete, Corey Reed

While the first three episodes of Season 5 of The Walking Dead provided a tight, focused storyline including pretty much the entire group (save for Beth), the last two episodes have gone further afield, as they have focused on people taken or otherwise departed from the group. Right now, if we consider all of the different PoV characters out there, there are actually four separate storylines sprung from that one single, cohesive story that we began with (with, of course, the mystery around Beth in the background). And if you consider the stinger from Episode 501, there is potentially a fifth. I’m pretty sure that this week we’ll see two, possibly three of those storylines reunited, leading us into the last two episodes of the first half of the season, and the inevitable big finish that we’re all expecting. Click through for my take on where we’re heading this week.

<<Spoiler Warning: This Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 6 “Consumed” includes promotional material from AMC, discusses recent episodes, and will speculate on future events.>>

Last week’s Abraham and Eugene show gave us some important backstory on who they are, and where they came from, and Eugene’s reveal is a real game changer. Will the group still decide to head toward DC? Eugene’s main reason for wanting to go there – that it is likely the one place best prepared to survive the zombie apocalypse – is still valid, even if the motivation he gave to Abraham was a whopper of a lie. I imagine a lot will depend on whether or not Eugene survives Abraham’s beatdown, and whether or not the group can function and work things out logically.

Guess we can't call this one a walker...

Guess we can’t call this one a walker…

Meanwhile, this week, we’re going to join back up with Daryl and Carol. We were left with three major unanswered questions, one the last time we saw them together – where is the car with the white cross they started following in Episode 502 heading – and two from the end of Episode 503, when Daryl shows up outside the church – where’s Carol, and who is in the bushes? We got the answer to the first question in Episode 504, “Slabtown” – it’s heading to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, where Beth is being held. We may very well get the answers to the other two questions this Sunday.

The episode synopsis over at IMDB reads: Daryl and Carol chase the white-crossed car to a desolated Atlanta with hopes of finding Beth and her kidnappers.

Like last week, very straight forward with nary a hint as to what might happen. Similarly, the AMC preview video doesn’t give a whole lot of information. Here it is:


That is about as unrevealing a preview as we’ve gotten from AMC. We see Daryl and Carol, presumably a little while after jumping into their car to chase the vehicle with the white cross, talking over things. Daryl tells Carol that Beth was tough, that she “saved herself” in the days after the prison’s fall. This is important – Carol won’t remember anything but the rather weak and confused Beth, who almost gave up living in this harsh reality. If Carol is confident that Beth can hold her own, it lends more credence to the possibility that Carol, seen at the end of Episode 504 being wheeled into the hospital, is there as a plant, someone to help Beth get out. If she still believed that Beth was little better than baggage, she wouldn’t be as likely to risk herself fighting from the inside. The dynamic between Daryl – Rick’s man to the bone – and Carol – the lone wolf – does get a brief moment as well. Daryl is concerned that Rick will wonder where they’ve gone, and that they’re running low on gas. Carol, always pragmatic, says, “We can end this quick, just run them off the road.” The preview ends – so which way will they choose?

We get a better idea of what’s going to happen when we take a look at the short promo trailer AMC is running this week. Here it is – I’m using the New Zealand version of the promo, as it has the best sound of any I could find:


Much more information here. We see Daryl and Carol clearly in Atlanta, sneaking around and killing walkers as they scout out the area around the hospital. Carol makes a key point: “Stay close to the buildings and keep quiet, but sooner or later…we’re going to have to fight through.” There are a bunch of quick cuts, many of them highly suggestive of some real peril, and I’ll touch on each briefly.

The clip opens on the road, and quickly moves to the car with the white cross stopping – Daryl says, “Right now, we got the advantage.” We cut to them running up a ramp, coming around corners and into a parking garage, taking out walkers. Carol sights down a sniper rifle (fans of the comics may see this as resonating with another character there), and then we see the first really disturbing moment – Carol, panicked, trying to keep away from grasping walkers while she’s sitting in the passenger seat of a van teetering on the edge of an overpass. We then cut to the two of them running down a hallway (in the hospital?) past a tent, and then in a dark hallway walking cautiously. Cut back to the van – the rear doors are open, and Daryl is shutting the door to stop a bunch of walkers trying to force their way inside. Then flash cuts: Carol raising a knife; a cube van driving through a gate; a white van with crosses being mobbed by walkers (looks like this is on the overpass again); Carol and Daryl lying down; looking out from an upper story window at a devastated Atlanta; and Daryl placing a body wrapped in white linen into a bonfire.

Lastly, the UK promo clip gives us a couple of brief additional scenes:


Just about the same, with an additional shot of Carol in the dark; one of the van on the overpass, showing just how precariously they are balanced; and perhaps most importantly, a shot of Carol holding a scarf over her mouth and nose while looking at a fire. This last is a clear indication (combined with the previews given during last week’s Talking Dead) that the body being burned is not Carol’s. That, of course, leaves the question: who is it?

Carol, stationed strategically near the hospital's flowerbeds

Carol, stationed strategically near the hospital’s flowerbeds

In this episode Daryl and Carol will definitely learn Beth’s fate, and will very likely attempt an assault on the hospital. The van that they’re in on the overpass clearly has white crosses in its windows, meaning that it has come from the hospital – do they make an attempt, fail, and decide to steal the van? And with it teetering on the edge of the overpass, does this answer the question as to how Carol ends up on the gurney in Episode 504? We know that both she and Daryl will survive whatever happens this week – after all, the entire thing will be a flashback based on the current time the series is at, and both characters have been see alive post- this week’s events. Of course, finding out how they end up where we’ve already seen them will be half the fun; the other half will be getting a few hints as to where the last two episodes of this half season will take us.

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