Sneak Peek: The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 15 “Try”

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Episode: 515
Airdate: March 22, 2015
Directed by: TBA
Showrunner: Scott M. Gimple
Written by: Frank Darabont (creator); Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard (series of graphic novels); TBA (written by)

Two episodes to go, and a couple of real cliff-hangers left over from last week’s episode, means that we should be in for a tense and action-filled show this Sunday. In one of the clips below, there are several freshly dug graves – who’s in them? Click through for preview videos, and my ideas on what’s going to happen this week.

<<Spoiler Warning: This Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 15 “Try” includes promotional material from AMC, discusses recent episodes, and will speculate on future events.>>

To begin with, let’s try to parse the brief episode synopsis. From IMDB: When life within the walls begins to mimic life outside, the group realizes that sheltered life may not be possible.

Fairly straightforward. We’ve seen the group, with a varying level of effort, trying to adapt to the new “normal” inside Alexandria; it ain’t working. Some, like Sasha “These are the things you worry about?” Williams, and Daryl “Take a shower” Dixon haven’t made any effort whatsoever. It’s like their natural instincts have told them that there’s no point to getting too comfortable, because things are inevitably always about to go pear-shaped. Others, such as Rick and Michonne, have really sought to adapt to their new reality, but still have an edge to the way they are acting (reaching for his hidden gun, anyone?). Still others, with Carol being the chief among them, have made every attempt to redraw/rewrite themselves as entirely different people, to camouflage themselves. And then there are the Glen’s of the world, who realize that trying to change themselves is just as likely to get them killed.

Taken together, with the events of last week, they’re going to come to the realization that they can’t have their cake and eat it too. Rick has to deal with Pete; Glen and Nicholas are going to be at odds as they explain what happened on the run; and Deanna is unlikely to believe any of them, based on Father Gabriel’s self-serving confession.

So the question becomes: what will the group do when they realize that normal “life may not be possible”? Don’t doubt for a second that they’ll be working together to get the best possible outcome for the group. Alexandria seems welcoming, and some have taken to it very well, but it isn’t perfect, and some – Sasha and Carol immediately come to mind – don’t take it so, preparing instead for the worst possible outcomes. And, I suspect, their personal approach to preparation will turn out to be the most appropriate. Let’s take a look at the sneak peeks AMC has given us to prepare for this week’s episode.

First off, the official Promo video from AMC:


Michonne, looking uncomfortably at a basket of clean laundry – what kind of weird-ass community still has the ability – nay, the luxury – of doing laundry? She looks at one shirt (the One-One T), and then begins to lay out her deputy’s uniform. It still seems a little too surreal to her, and she sits on the edge of the bed to try to get her composure back. A knock at her door – it’s Rosita. She fills Michonne in on Tara’s situation (stable), and then tells her, “I think Sasha might have spent the night in the tower.” “Is she still up there?” Michonne asks. “Abraham’s on watch now, but…she hasn’t been back, and nobody’s seen her.” Michonne’s mouth set in a grim line, she grabs the One One t-shirt and heads out, ignoring her deputy’s uniform.

Sasha’s apparent disappearance takes on a more ominous tone when we watch the next preview video:


Where'd I park that bike?

Where’d I park that bike?

We begin with Rick and Deanna standing in front of four new graves – the dirt is recently turned, the markers look ad hoc. Deanna walks up to Rick, an accusatory look on her face, and then walks away. Rick comes in with a voice-over: “They don’t know what they’re doing. Their rules?” Michonne drops her jacket on her bed. VO – “We don’t answer to them.” Darkness, and Daryl walking through an overgrown field, staring at a flame just inside the nearby treeline. Focus in on Deanna, burning a paper, looking on the verge of tears. Then a close-up on Rick: “Any of them.” Shift to Deanna’s face, dimly lit, then Rick’s. We see a hand holding a snub-nosed handgun – it could be Rick’s, but it isn’t explicitly made clear. We finish on a series of quick flashes: Sasha coming out from cover between two buildings, holding her rifle; Reg, yelling “Deanna!”; Rick, in uniform, turning and looking over his shoulder at a house (it could be Jessie and Pete’s), then moving toward it – he’s heard something; Carl and Enid running up the road, coming to a stop as though something surprising or disturbing has just come into sight; Glen, running hard, Nicholas on his tail; Sasha, tracking a woman in her sights (it’s just a flash, but it could be Enid), and then a face-on shot of her as she pulls the trigger.
As usual with their 30 second short promos, there’s a ton of stuff to look at here. Now, they always edit these things in such a way as to confuse what’s really happening, but here’s my best guess on some of the moments. Nicholas is going to lie his ass off over what happened to Aiden and Noah on the run, and despite evidence to the contrary, Deanna is going to lean toward his version of events. This, combined with Rick’s inevitable confrontation with Pete the abusive drunk (but also the community’s doctor), will lead to a face-off between the two groups. The four graves indicate that not everyone will survive – we could explain two with Aiden and Noah, although there would be no reason to turn over fresh sod for either of them, what with their bodies being lost. By the end of the episode, we should see Rick’s group in control – they do have the advantage of holding weapons, and just plain experience. The Alexandrians have shown no ability to protect even themselves, let alone take on a highly skilled group like Rick’s.

Although it looks like there will be new deaths, I think that overall this change will be for the best for all involved. The Alexandrian way of doing things gets people killed, plain and simple, and if they’re going to survive long-term, they need to be smarter. That said, a lot depends on who is in those graves. And why does Sasha appear to be trying to shoot Enid? If you’ll recall a few weeks ago, when Enid was first introduced, I suggested that she might be a plant from some other group, spying on Alexandria and it’s attractive standard of living. We do get to see a bit more of her in AMC’s second Sneak Peek below:


I wish I had Tinder

I wish I had Tinder

So, romance in the apocalypse for Carl? There’s definitely a little tension between them, and we know that whatever is happening in town likely happens while they’re out here – we see them running down the street after events in the promo clip – basically, hearing something happening in town (likely gunfire) has drawn them back. The knife scene is interesting – Enid does seem to be troubled, and she definitely has some secrets. Is Carl someone she might end up confiding in? She appears to be interested in his feral qualities, qualities that saw him survive on the road for so long. Maybe she senses a kindred spirit.

One thing’s for certain: we’re in for a lot of excitement tonight. Considering how last season’s penultimate episode was somewhat slow-paced, leading into the confrontation at Terminus, I suspect that the producers won’t play all of their cards tonight. I do, however, expect it to be much faster paced and exciting than last year’s Episode 415 – perhaps more like Merle’s magnificent last stand in Episode 315, “This Sorrowful Life.”

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