Comic Con is up to its usual tricks, giving us all kinds of cool news and trailers for upcoming geekery. This morning’s panel on The Walking Dead saw the release of a heavy-weight trailer for Season 6, weighing in at a massive four-plus minutes – which makes sense, when you realize that the season premiere will be 90-minutes long, just like last season’s finale. Click through for the trailer and some commentary on what it reveals heading into October 11th’s release date.

Without further ado, here’s the trailer:


We begin with a series of flash thoughts, voices in Rick’s mind (presumably) as we see him running down a road. Rick explaining that he and Morgan came from the same town; someone (Morgan?) telling Rick he can come back from “this”; my new favorite Morgan quote, “Good people? They always die. I’m a killer Rick, and you are too”; then cut to the end of last season, with Morgan’s stunned “Rick?”

What follows is a montage of shots showing what appears to be a gradual breakdown of order as Rick’s authority within the Alexandria group gets eroded, not the least by what appears to be a pact between Morgan and Deanna as well as grumblings among the civilians. There are several scenes involving massive numbers of walkers (apparently, season-opener on October 11th will feature a record-breaking 650 walkers), and what appear to be some new faces. Segue to a growing cemetery, and we get a sense of yet another reason peoples’ trust in Rick might be running out.

As things fall apart, we see what appears to be a standoff between Morgan and Rick (although, knowing AMC, it’s just as likely that it is two entirely separate scenes edited together to fool us). Morgan says, “You get the hell out of here, and you don’t ever come back.” Rick, in voice-over as we see each of the people he mentions, says, “You really think you’re going to take this community from us? From Daryl? From Michonne? From Glenn? From me?” We get a few scenes of bloody violence, then an edit from Morgan looking cowed to Rick looking pissed, holding a gun, saying, “Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?” The main part of the trailer ends on a crescendo of death and destruction, as we see Rick running, Glenn surrounded on all sides by walkers while on a supply run, Carl with a machine gun, walkers being forced into a ravine, and the like – good action, all, and hopefully indicative of another strong start for the new season.

But that isn’t the end of the trailer. After cutting to black, we hear crickets, and then a voice. “Here’s the deal,” he says. “You don’t say shit, and I don’t kill you.” His gun? It’s pointing in Daryl’s face. He’s up against a tree, his hands bound in front. Daryl, never one to follow instructions, says, “I know who you think I am,” and his captor cocks the gun. Cut to Daryl trying to get out of the ropes, walking his bike through the woods, holding his crossbow on a woman and child, and kneeling, looking around lost. Enigmatic to say the least, although I suspect that what he’s done is stumble upon a small family of survivors who have mistaken him for one of the Wolves. Tellingly, we don’t see any hide nor hair of them at all in the trailer.

Several Alexandrians besides Deanna are featured prominently in the trailer, suggesting that they’ve effectively become part of the core group. These include Jesse (Rick’s erstwhile love interest), Nicholas (who tried to kill Glenn in a fit of…embarrassment? Pique?), Aaron (who seems to have an expanded role), and the ever-mysterious Enid (Carl’s erstwhile puppy-love interest).

In addition, it looks like there’s going to be an assault on Alexandria, with hundreds of walkers testing the walls and the survivors’ resolve. Rick and co. seem intent on expanding the livable space, but at what cost, as we see people being attacked and eaten while apparently trying to put 18-wheelers into a sort of walker blockade. Deanna, still the politician, seems a lot less desirous of giving up her power now that Rick’s dealt with Pete, although she seemed on the cusp of packing it all in when last we saw her. Rolling over and saying die wouldn’t be nearly so interesting.

So, we only have three more months to wait, and in that space we’ll be getting a whole new series (Fear the Walking Dead), and The Walking Dead marathons on AMC leading up to October 11th. They’re calling it “5 Sundays/5 Marathons,” and it will feature each of the first five seasons running in marathons on consecutive Sundays from July 26th through August 23rd. Come to think of it, that pretty much tells us when Fear will be running, as it leaves exactly six weeks between the last marathon and the October 11th premiere. And for those that like their Talking Dead, host Chris Hardwick will be doing a preview of Season 6 on August 23rd, presumably following the 16.5 hour Season 5 marathon. Lots of stuff to keep us inside during this nasty sunny weather!

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