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My review of The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 10 “New Best Friends” is now live at Latin for Cat – please find it here:

Before talking about the review, I have a bit of an explanation for my lack of reviews on the last seven episodes for any regular readers of my Walking Dead reviews. If you’ve been wondering why I didn’t write past the first episode this season, the reason is simple: my father, who introduced me to the show (after telling me for the better part of three seasons that I was missing something special), and with whom I would have lengthy conversations about plot points and events every single week, passed away four days after the season premiere. I’m pretty sure he did watch the premiere – he was doing well that Sunday – but by the time Monday rolled around, he’d gone into crisis, so I never got to talk to him about the episode. I’ve watched the show right through until the mid-season finale, but couldn’t bring myself to review the shows; my emotions were still pretty raw.

However, it’s a new year, it’s been a few months’ space, and my dad wouldn’t want me to quit with the reviews. I’m happy to announce that I’m moving my blogging to a new website, Latin for Cat, and I shall be endeavoring to bring you fresh reviews in a timely manner for the remainder of the season. So, if you’re interested in continuing to read my reviews, please click through on the link above – I look forward to your comments and feedback, should you want to chat about the episode. And thanks for being a reader of my blog!

The direct link to my review of tonight’s episode is here: