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I first heard about Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series when reading through the list of upcoming books and authors to watch in Locus magazine. (By the way, if you are at all interested in trying your hand at SF or Fantasy, Locus is a must-read for you; you can subscribe online at their website here.) It’s premise of a Napoleonic period with dragons immediately captured my attention. The addition of naval elements cemented the deal, and I went down to my local bookstore to buy the first book in the series, His Majesty’s Dragon. What a great debut novel this is.

(Note: The original title of this novel was Temeraire, which remains the title in the UK and some other territories. The American publishers decided to go with His Majesty’s Dragon both to address the British focus of the novel (it’s always good to mention royalty), and to be a little less obscure (very few people outside of naval historians have heard of the HMS Temeraire.)


When I first discovered Naomi Novik’s alternate history, Napoleonic era with dragons, Dragonriders of Pern meets Hornblower series of books, I read them voraciously. The first three were out and available, and if I recall correctly, I read them in the space of about a week while doing all sorts of other things (like school and work). Book four again caught me by surprise – I didn’t note it until it was out in paperback – and then along came Victory of Eagles, the fifth and, to my mind, best since the first book in the series. For a number of reasons, I took some time away from the books, but recently I have decided to give it another crack, as there are now three books out that I have yet to read. Well, two now, as I’ve finished Tongues of Serpents. I can only hope that the two books I have still sitting on my shelf prove to be more exciting than the one I’ve just finished.