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Publisher: Bongo Comics
Writer: Nathan Kane
Penciller: John Delaney
Inker: Andrew J. Pepoy
Letterer: Karen Bates
Editors: Karen Bates & Terry Delegeane
Cover Artists: Jason Ho, Nathan Kane, Mike Rote
Release Date: December 24, 2014

When you’re facing mercenaries who want to kill your daughter? An alien predator who hunts humans for sport? A television game show host who wants to play for blood? Who do you call? McBain!

McBain #1 is the latest of Bongo Comics’ Simpsons One-Shots, and it plays with the conventions of what makes a comic in appropriately larger-than-life ways. In order to review this comic, it is important to look at the two defining characteristics of this edition: the story, and the presentation. Click below to read the rest of the review.