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Episode: 101
Airdate: June 19, 2015
Directed by: Chris Grismer
Showrunners: Michelle Lovretta
Written by: Michael Foster (story editor), Michelle Lovretta (story, as M.A. Lovretta), Michelle Lovretta (creator)

If you were to walk by your television while the opening shots of the new Syfy Channel/Space Channel co-produced original series, Killjoys, were showing – what with blowing sand, a stark tan color palette, and a quick screen tag naming the place as the “Badlands” – you could be forgiven for thinking that Syfy (Space in Canada) was showing a rerun of Joss Whedon’s Firefly. And while the comparisons aren’t really fair, considering provenance and funding, they are inevitable. No, Killjoys is not, nor is it ever likely to be, Firefly, but what it looks like it might be is yet another in a string of more-than-serviceable entertaining original series that Syfy has been producing over the last couple of years. Click through for my review of the series premiere episode which aired earlier tonight.

<<Spoiler Alert: This review will discuss plot points from tonight's episode of Killjoys. Read on – if you dare!>>