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Episode: 512
Airdate: March 1, 2015
Directed by: Greg Nicotero
Showrunner: Scott M. Gimple
Written by: Channing Powell (episode); Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Tony Moore (graphic novels); Frank Darabont (creator)

With strong reservations, Rick and the crew decided to follow Aaron to Alexandria last week, with some – such as Maggie and Michonne – being in favor of following Aaron, and others – Rick, Carol, Daryl – being less enthusiastic. But although they do have their differences within the group, there’s one thing for certain: when Rick refers to the group as his family, he means it with all his heart, and there better not be anyone looking to mess with them. So now that they’ve arrived at the gates of the Alexandria Safe Zone (as it is called in the comics), is this going to be Rick’s Ithaca? Or is his voyage not truly complete yet?

<<Spoiler Alert: The following review will discuss at length plot points of The Walking Dead S05E12, “Remember” – read more at your own risk.>>