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Episode: 104
Airdate: February 23, 2015
Directed by: Colin Bucksey
Showrunners: Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould
Written by: Vince Gilligan (creator) & Peter Gould (creator); Gennifer Hutchison (written by)

Last week, before calling the Kettlemans with his anonymous warning, Jimmy struggled with his conscience, saying to himself, “I’m not a hero.” Based on the title of tonight’s episode, it would appear that maybe he actually is – but the kind of hero Jimmy is, is anything but conventional. Don’t mistake for a second that this sloppy, apparently out of control “little man” is, in fact, very much in control of his situation. And if he’s not really a hero, maybe the perception that he is can be more than enough.

<<Spoiler Alert: The following review will discuss Better Call Saul Season 1, Episode 4 “Hero” at length, as well as discussing ongoing storylines.>>