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Episode: 609
Airdate: June 19, 2016
Directed by: Miguel Sapochnik
Showrunners: David Benioff and D.B. Weiss
Written by: David Benioff & D.B. Weiss (creators); George R.R. Martin (“A Song of Ice and Fire” by); David Benioff & D.B. Weiss (written for television by)

Tonight may have just seen the best single episode of television ever. High praise? Hyperbole? Perhaps – but in my current state of jangled nerves and adrenaline hangover, I am leaning toward saying that no, it isn’t hype at all. Click through to get my full review of tonight’s penultimate episode of Season 6 of Game of Thrones.

<<Spoiler Alert: The following review will discuss at length plot points of Game of Thrones S06E09, “Battle of the Bastards” – spoilers ahead; read more at your own risk.>>



Only two more episodes to go in Season 4, one tonight and the wrap-up next Sunday. Tonight, in anticipation of the penultimate episode (which airs in just a few hours), I’m putting up the second in my series of behind-the-scenes photos of the actors who make the characters we love to love, and love to hate even more.

The characters have been through a lot in these four years – those that are still alive, that is. When actors get associated with such iconic and bigger-than-life characters like those created by George R.R. Martin, it’s easy to forget that they had careers before the show we know them for. Below the break you’ll find a bunch of before and after photos of the stars of Game of Thrones, the first shot from an earlier (or sometimes concurrent) role, and the second from the HBO series. Rather than doing it in alphabetical order, I’m going to follow number of appearances in the show, based on their stats at IMDB. Without further ado, we begin with…


Game of Thrones deals with some serious subject matter, and you never know who’s going to die next. It’s good to know, then, that the cast and crew are still having fun behind the cameras. Click through after the break to see some candid shots of your favorite characters, out of character.