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Gotham Splash

Episode: 101
Airdate: September 22, 2014
Directed by: Danny Cannon
Showrunner: Bruno Heller
Episode Written by: Bruno Heller, 16 other credits

Tonight saw the premiere of Fall 2014’s most anticipated show, FOX’s Gotham. Telling the story of a young Detective James “Jim” Gordon [Ben McKenzie], Gotham is going to show the origins of the members of one of the comic book world’s most storied rogue’s galleries of villains, not to mention that of a certain caped crusader. Comic book series, traditionally, have been somewhat camp, winking over-broadly at their origins, and the perceived audience for comic books – juveniles with juvenile sensibilities, ignoring completely the actual demographic of comic book readers. Finally, it appears that this is changing. Last year’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. showed that camp can be done with serious themes; tonight’s Gotham, taken from Marvel rival DC Comics, shows that this ante can be taken even higher: a show based on a comic book universe that is just as dark, just as serious, as the source material is. This is the comic book series we deserve. Click through after the break for my complete review.

<<Spoiler Alert: This review of Gotham Season 1, Episode 1 “Pilot” contains a thorough synopsis of the episode, and many spoilers – click through only after you’ve watched the show!>>

Gotham Splash

At A Glance:

Title: Gotham
Premiere: September 22, 2014
Channel: FOX
Production Companies: DC Entertainment, Primrose Hill Productions, Warner Bros. Television
Showrunner: Bruno Heller
Executive Producers: Bruno Heller, Danny Cannon, John Stephens
Writers: Brian Edlund (1 Episode), Bruno Heller (2 Episodes), Bob Kane (1 Episode), Ken Woodruff (1 Episode), Mitch Brian, Laren Bright, Howard Chaykin, Sean Catherine Derek, Bill Finger, Gardner Fox, Archie Goodwin, Robert Kanigher, David Mazzucchelli, Frank Miller, Sheldon Moldoff, Jerry Robinson, Greg Rucka, Dick Sprang
Starring: Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, Jada Pinkett Smith, Zabryna Guevera, Sean Pertwee, Robin Taylor, Camren Bicondova, David Mazouz

The premise behind Gotham is very simple: take a beloved fictional superhero, head to his hometown when he’s young, and follow the events that form both him, and his enemies, as they grow up. Wait, no – that’s Smallville. Gotham plays with that trope, showing us a young pre-Batman Bruce Wayne [David Mazouz], but its primary focus is not on the Bat; rather, it’s on his non-superhero friend, confidant, and sometime rival, Jim Gordon [Ben McKenzie]. By starting early in his career, we get to see how Gordon evolves from being a Detective in the Gotham PD, all the way to Commissioner (presuming the series runs that long). Click through for the actors, the trailers, and my thoughts.